Renowned Plumbing Contractor in Dardanelle, AR

There are certain projects around the home that shouldn't be attempted alone; whether that’s a water heater installation or replacing water pipes, having a plumbing contractor readily available is more than necessary. Millard Plumbing & General Contractor in Dardanelle, AR, is the helping hand you can rely on to take care of any project—even the projects you’ve left on the ever-growing to-do list. There’s nothing too minuscule for our team to handle; from a leaking plumbing fixture to a complete kitchen remodel or renovation, our decades of on-the-job training will provide an effective solution.


Forget the Rest, Call the Best

Serving local home and business owners with the over 30 years of experience as a plumbing contractor, you’ll always be treated to an unparalleled experience. Unlike our competitors, we care about every step of the process, and we never take your business for granted. From the moment you request our service to the implementation of our repair or installation, we’ll always maintain clear lines of communication, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

As a licensed, bonded, and fully insured plumbing contractor, there’s no commercial, industrial, or residential job in Yell County we can’t handle. From emergency maintenance to water heater services, all of our work is 100 percent guaranteed. Call Millard Plumbing & General Contractor to schedule your appointment or to receive your free estimate today!

Water Heater Services

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Never risk not having hot water in your home by calling our Master plumbers the moment you notice an issue. We’ll arrive promptly and perform all system repairs and replacements needed to ensure your comfort.

General Contractor

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There are certain projects around your home that require the expertise of a general contractor to ensure it’s done right. From kitchen renovations to new constructions, our staff is comprised of plumbing experts and a Master carpenter, making us the go-to team for all of your needs.


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There are some problems within your plumbing system that aren’t obvious right away, making troubleshooting vital. From leaking sinks and faucets to clogged bathtubs and sewer pipes, we’ll get to the bottom of it.